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ApeosPort 550 I/450 I/350 I

ApeosPort 550I-450I-350IApeos is the core name of a range of different products and services that make up the infrastructure of Fuji Xerox’s evolving document management system. As hardware and software components of Apeos, the ApeosPort 550 I, 450 I, and 350 I multifunction devices give you access to the feature-rich Apeos environment. ApeosPort multifunction devices allow complete control over the creation, storage, and retrieval of your company’s paper and digital documentation – all within a secure environment that can be accessed locally as well as globally. Incorporating the functions of a scanner, copier, printer, and facsimile into one unit, the ApeosPort 550 I, 450 I, and 350 I provide the means to input and output your data within the Apeos system.

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