Docucentre II 2055

Consolidate the Pieces Of Your Office Documents Workflow Puzzle

Introducing DocuCentre-II 3005/2055/2005, the one stop MFD for all your multifunction requirements.

Available in a range of confi gurations and with a number of optional accessories this device can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Representing the complete offi ce “manager”, it is capable of meeting the offi ce document production & workfl ow requirements of small to large workgroups.

No matter what are your needs, the DocuCentre-II 3005/2055/2005 is your intelligent partner that will provide you with the efficiency, speed and precision for your business.

Based on the 33ppm/28ppm/23ppm engine speeds popular in most offices, it features a highly reliable copy function, print features that support sophisticated network environments, the richest fax functions available and a scan function for easy digitization of your documents. With these features, the DocuCentre-II 3005/2055/2005 will prove to be real value for your business now and into the future.

Summary of Functionality, Addons & Extras

  • Speed : 28 ppm.Memory Sistem : 256MB Hardisk 40 GB.
  • Copy / Print Resolution : 1.200 x 1.200 dpi
  • Output Paper size : min A5 , max A3
  • DADF : maksimal 75 sheet
  • DADF speed 55 ipm
  • BW Scaner:  Maxs 600×600 dpi
  • Scan destinations : Scan to Folder, PC

Functions & Specifications

Copier TypeConsole Type
Scan Resolution600 x 600dpi (23.6 x 23.6 dots/mm)
Output Resolution600 x 600dpi (23.6 x 23.6 dots/mm)
Gradation256 levels of gray
Warm-up Time15 seconds or less (DC configuration)
21 seconds or less (CP configuration) *1
24 seconds or less (CF, CFP configuration) *1
(Environment) Temperature: 20 deg C, Humidity: 55%, Voltage: 110V/220V,    Standard CP/CF/CFP configuration, without HDD
*1 Conditions: Achieved only when IP address is set up at the device and    identified on the network.

Original SizeMaximum: 297x432mm (A3, 11x17") for both sheets and bound documents
Copy Paper SizeTray 1-4]
Maximum: [Standard size] A3 (297x420mm), 11 x 17" (279x432mm), [Non-standard size] 297 x 432mm
Minimum: [Standard size] A5 (148x210mm), [Non-standard size] 139.7 x 182mm
[Tandem Tray]
Maximum: A4LEF
Minimum: 8.5 x 11"LEF
[Bypass Tray]
Maximum: [Standard] A3 (297x420mm), 11 x 17" (279x432mm), [Non-standard size] 297 x 432mm
Minimum: Postcard (100x148mm), Envelope (120x235mm), [Non-standard size] 89.0 x 98.4mm
Image Loss: Lead Edge within 4mm, Trail Edge within 4mm, Right & Left Edges within 4mm
Paper Weight*2Tray 1: 60 to 105gsm, Tray 2-4: 60 to 216gsm, Bypass Tray: 60 to 216gsm, Tandem Tray: 60 to 216gsm,
FCOT *34.3 seconds or less (A4LEF from Tray1) Conditions: platen copy, power ON, Fuser ready, ROS ready, A4LEF from Tray1, 80gsm premier or business paper
Copy Magnification<100%> 1:1±0.7%
<<span>Preset> 1:0.500, 1:0.707, 1:0.816, 1:0.866, 1:1.154, 1:1.225, 1:1.414
<<span>Variable> 1:0.25 to 1:4.00 (1% increments)

*1: It is recommended to use papers recommended by Fuji Xerox. Depending on the type of paper used and the      operating environment, paper may not be fed into the machine properly or print quality may be negatively      affected.
*2: Same magnification, from the paper Tray 1, single sided, and output to the center tray. The values may very      depending on the machine configuration.

Copy Speed
(Simplex Copying)*4
A4LEF, 8.5x11" LEF, B5LEF, etc.23/28/33cpm
A4SEF, 8.5x11"SEF18/22cpm
B4SEF, 8.5x13"SEF, 8.5x14"SEF15/18/20cpm
A3SEF, 11x17"SEF13/15/17cpm
Paper Source /
Paper Capacity*5
500 sheets x 2 Trays + Bypass Tray 95 sheets
2TM: 500 sheets x 2 Trays
TTM: 2,000 sheets (800 + 1,200 sheets)
Maximum Paper Capacity: 3,095 sheets
Maximum Continuous
Copy Volume
999 sheets
Power SourceEnglish OpCos/FXK: AC 240V +10% ~ 220V -10%, 8A , 50/60Hz +/- 3Hz
TFX: AC110V+6% ~ 110V-10%, 12A, 50/60 +/- 3Hz
Maximum Power Consumption*6220V: 2.2KW or less, 240V: 1.92KW or less, 110V: 1.60KW or less
220V: 2.2W (DC model), 3.0W (CF model), 6.2W (CP model), 7.0W (CFP model)
Sleep Mode*7240V: 2.4W (DC model), 3.0W (CF model), 6.2W (CP model), 7.0W (CFP model)
110V: 1.6W (DC model), 2.1W (CF model), 3.8W (CP model), 4.4W (CFP)
Dimensions640 (W) x 649 (D) x 751 (H) mm (w/Platen Cover)
640 (W) x 649 (D) x 832 (H) mm (w/DADF)
640 (W) x 649 (D) x 1,112 (H) mm (w/DADF + Tray Module)
WeightDC Platen model: 60kg
CP model: 72.8kg (DC Platen 60kg + DADF 9kg + Duplex Kit 1.8kg + Exit 2 Tray 2kg)
Installation Space (W x D)1,340 x 1,185mm (when the bypass tray is extended to the maximum)

*3: The performance may be reduced depending on the paper type and tray.
*4: When using Xerox "Business Paper" (80gsm).
*5: Power consumption is specified assuming full configuration of: IOT with Bypass Tray + Duplex Kit + 2 Tray Module or Tandem Tray Module + B-Finisher + DADF + IIT + Controller with UI
*6: The Low Power Mode / Sleep Mode are in accordance with the International Energy Star Programme measurements.


Printer TypeBuilt-in Type
CPUPower PC-300MHz
Continuous Print SpeedSame as the machine copy speed
ResolutionStandard Mode: 600 x 600dpi (23.6 x 23.6 dots/mm)
High Resolution Mode: 1,200 x 1,200dpi (47.2 x 47.2 dots/mm)
Page Description LanguageStandardPCL6, PCL5e
OptionalAdobe® PostScript® 3TM*1
Emulation (Standard)ESC/P (For English machine only)
ESCP/K (For Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese machines only)
KS/KSSM (For Korean machine only)
HP-GL (HP7586B), HP-GL2/RTL (HP Design Jet 750C Plus)
ParallelCompatible, Nibble, ECP
EthernetTCP/IP(lpd,IPP,SMB,Port9100), NetWare® (IPX/SPX), EtherTalk® *1
Supported Operating Systems*2StandardWindows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, Windows ServerTM 2003
PostScript® 3TM (Optional)Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, Windows ServerTM 2003, Mac OS*3
Built-in FontsStandardRoman 81 type faces, symbol 35 sets
PostScript® 3TM (Optional)WRoman 136 type faces
Memory Capacity256MB (Maximum: 512MB)
Interface (Standard)Bi-directional parallel (IEEE 1284 compatible), Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T, USB 2.0*4

*1: When the PostScript® 3TM Kit is installed.
*2: Please refer to the Fuji Xerox official web site for the latest information on supported OS.
*3: Supported Mac OS: Mac OS X 8.6 to X 9.2.2, OS X 10.2.x/10.3.9 to 10.4.6
*4: Supported OS: Windows® 98SE/Me/2000/XP, Windows ServerTM 2003, Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2.2, and Mac OS X      10.2.x/10.3.9 to 10.4.

Network Scanner

Scanner TypeMonochrome Scanner
Scan SizeMaximum: 297x432mm (A3, 11×17") for both sheets and bound documents
Scan Resolution600x600dpi, 400x400dpi, 300x300dpi, 200x200dpi
(23.6x23.6 dots/mm, 15.7x15.7 dots/mm, 11.8x11.8 dots/mm, 7.9x7.9 dots/mm)
Scan Gradation8-bit Input, 1-bit Output
Scanning Speed*150 ipm (A4 LEF, ITU-T No.1 Chart, 200/300dpi, Scan to Mailbox)
InterfaceEthernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T
Scan to MailboxProtocolTCP/IP (Salutation, HTTP)
Output FormatMonochrome binary: TIFF, XDW (DocuWorks document)*2, PDF*2
DriverTWAIN (Salutation)
Driver-Compatible OS*3Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, Windows ServerTM 2003
Save to PCProtocolTCP/IP (SMB, FTP)
Output FormatMonochrome binary: TIFF (Compression method: MH, MMR), XDW (DocuWorks document), PDF
Compliant OS*3Windows® 95/98/Me*4, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, Windows ServerTM 2003Mac OS*5 *6, NetWare® 5.x*5
Send E-mailProtocolTCP/IP (SMTP)
Output FormatMonochrome binary: TIFF (Compression method: MH, MMR), XDW (DocuWorks document), PDF

*1: Scanning speed varies depending on originals and resolution.
*2: Supported only when documents are retrieved using CentreWare Internet Services.
*3: Please refer to the Fuji Xerox official web site for the latest information on supported OS.
*4: Only SMB protocol can be supported.
*5: Only FTP protocol can be supported.
*6: Supported Mac OS X 10.1.5/10.2.x/10.3.8/10.3.9/10.4.2/10.4.6


Sending Document SizeMaximum: A3 (297 x 420mm), 11x17" (279 x 432mm), Long size document (Maximum 600mm)
Recording Paper SizeMaximum: A3, 11x17", Minimum: A5
Electrical Transmission Time*1Less than 3 seconds*2
Communication ModeITU-T G3
Scanning DensityStandard8x3.85 lines/mm, 200 x 100 dpi (7.9x3.9 dots/mm)
Fine8x7.7 lines/mm, 200 x 200 dpi (7.9x7.9 dots/mm)
Super Fine16x15.4 lines/mm
Super Fine (400dpi)400 x 400dpi (15.7x15.7 dots/mm)
Super Fine (600dpi)600 x 600dpi (23.6x23.6 dots/mm)
Encoding MethodMH, MR, MMR, JBIG
Transmission SpeedG3:33.6/31.2/28.8/26.4/24.0/21.6/19.2/16.8/14.4/12.0/9.6/ 7.2/4.8/2.4 kbps
Applicable LinesPBX, PSTN, Maximum 3 lines*3

*1: This transmission speed is only for that of image information and does not include the controlling time for the      communication. Note that the actual transmission time depends on the contents of documents, machine that the      recipient uses, and the status of the communication line.
*2: When transmitting an A4 size 700-character document in the standard quality (8x3.85 lines/mm) and high      speed mode (28.8 kbps or faster: JBIG).
*3: The optional Fax Kit (1 line), Additional G3 Port Kit (2 lines) and Fax Extension Board Kit are necessary.

Direct Fax

Sending Document SizeA3, B4, A4
Transmission SpeedSame as the fax feature
Transmission ResolutionStandard200 x 100 dpi (7.9x3.9 dots/mm)
Fine200 x 200 dpi (7.9x7.9 dots/mm)
Super Fine400 x 400dpi (15.7x15.7 dots/mm),
600 x 600dpi (23.6x23.6 dots/mm)
Applicable LinesSame as the fax feature
Supported OS*1Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows NT® 4.0, Windows® 2000/XP, Windows® Server? 2003

*1: Please refer to the Fuji Xerox official web site for the latest information on supported OS.


Sending Document SizeA3, B4, A4
Scanning DensitySame as the fax feature
Output FormatFormat: TIFF-FX
Compression method: MH, MMR, JBIG
Supported ProtocolsTransmission: SMTP, Reception: SMTP, POP3

Duplex Automatic Document Feeder

Document Feeder TypeDuplex Automatic Document Feeder
Document Size / Paper WeightMaximum: 297 x 432mm (A3, 11x17"), 297 x 600mm*1
Minimum: 139.7 x 210mm
38-128gsm (Duplex: 50-128gsm)
Capacity*275 sheets
Dimensions / Weight560 (W) x 510 (D) x 120 (H) mm / 10kg

*1: When using the fax feature. Only one set in simplex is available for a long document of more than 432mm.      When the length of the original paper exceeds 432mm, it is recommended to manually lift the paper end from      the bottom to enable straight feeding. In this case the paper weight shall be between 60 to 90gsm, but the      performance is not guaranteed.
*2: When using 80gsm or less paper.


Stacker TypeFinisher Tray x 1: Collate (offset stacking available) / Stack (offset stacking available)
Paper Size /
Maximum: A3, 11x17", Minimum: B5LEF / 64-105gsm
Capacity of Stacker*1A4/Letter: 1,000 sheets, B4/A3/11x17": 500 sheets, Mixed stack*2: 300 sheets
StapleCapacity of Stapling50 sheets*3
Paper Size for StaplingMaximum: A3, 11x17", Minimum: B5LEF
Positions to StapleFront corner (Single), Rear straight (Single), Dual
Dimensions / Weight566 (W) x 584 (D) x 940 (H) mm / 30kg
Space Requirements*42,140 (W) x 1,185 (D) mm (main unit + B-Finisher)

*1: When using Xerox P paper (64gsm).
*2: Large size paper is stacked on top of smaller size paper.
*3: When using 64gsm to 90gsm paper in the range of two to fifty sheets. However, note that capacity of stapling      may become fewer than 50 sheets depending on paper quality.
*4: *4: When the bypass tray is extended to the maximum.

Brosur DocuCentre-II 3005/2055/2005